Three Reasons Why I am Not Watching the “Stateless” Series, and Why You Ought To

By Nikolai Levasov, a founding member of United Stateless

The “Stateless” series, set in Australia, glosses over the only arguably stateless character, an elderly man who has been detained for over 7 years because no country would accept him for deportation. He remains a mute wallflower who sits in his suit on a chair in the courtyard of the detention center, with his suitcase by his side, staring into space. Illustration by Hanna Kim, an ally of United Stateless.

As one of the founding members of United Stateless, I, of course, was aware of the Netflix series long before it was released on July 8th. The issue we fight for every day being televised in a series is a great thing for our mission — it raises awareness and reaches an…